Junior League Gala’s

Junior League 2018

The Northumberland and Durham Junior League (Diddy League for short) is usually the first type of gala where swimmers will compete against other clubs

The competition itself is always fun, exciting and competitive with a mixture of individual and team relay events, where points are awarded to each club on the position achieved in each race these points contribute to an overall team score.

The league has 3 divisions and like a football league you have division winners, promotion and relegation.  The top two teams from Division 2 get promoted and the bottom two from Division 1 relegated.  Aqua Force is in Division 2.

Each meet last only 90 minutes and its amazing to think over 50 races take place each meet. Each meet consists of 4 individual races (Freestyle, Back, Breast & Floy) in each age group both boys and girls, 2 relay races freestyle and medley and a favourite of everyone the Canon (worth double points) where 1 boy and 1 girl from each age group compete in an 8 person freestyle relay team.  Each race is either a 25m for the 9 year olds or a 50m race for the other age group.  The relays are a 100m and the canon a 200m race.

Unlike a normal swimming gala where a swimmer competes for individual glory the Diddy League is a full team event where a swimmer is competing for points for the team not medals.  Winning an event gives the team 6 points, second place 5 points and so on finishing with 1 point for sixth, so just finishing the race can still provide a vital point for the team even if a swimmer doesn’t win!

Each club selects (where they can) a team of 4 girls and 4 boys from each age group to compete at the meet and from those chosen, selects one swimmer to represent the club in each race.  A swimmer is allowed to swim in two individual events (selected by the coaches) in their age group and the relays.  A coach is allowed to “swim up” a swimmer from the year below in a relay e.g. one 9 year old swimmer can compete in the 10 year old relay race.

All swimmers who are to compete in the finals MUST have competed in one of the three qualifying rounds.

Details of the galas are set out below

Junior League Dates for 2018

Sunday 21st January, 2018 11.50am for 12.30am start at Billingham Forum TS23 2LJ

Sunday 29th April, 2018 2.45pm for 3.20pm start at Tynemouth Leisure Centre TS29 9PX

Sunday 8th July 2018 11.50am for 12.30 start at Louisa Centre Stanley DH9 OTE

The Final will be hold on Sunday 16th September, 2018 – 11.20am for 12.00 start at Haven Point, South Shields NE33 2JS

Swimmers age as at date 2018 – Junior League

The ‘age as at date’ for 2018 Diddy League swimmers are

  • for 9 year olds – 25th November, 2018
  • for 10, 11, 12 year olds – 31st December, 2018 – so a swimmer who becomes 10 after 25th November, 2018 is a 10 year old Junior League swimmer.

All swimmers are requested to wear Aqua Force Gala shirts and Hoodies, our black and red swim jammers for boys, costume for girls along with our badge of honour the Academy swimming hats.

Swimmers will be selected by the coaching staff based on swimmers times recorded, attendance and availability.  If you are unable to attend please let Carol know as soon as possible to give someone else the chance to compete and the team win points.

We remind all parents/carers and swimmers that there is a NO PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY at all Junior League Heats.  Anyone seen taking photos or videos will be asked to leave.

Any queries please see either Carol or any of the Aqua Force team.


Round 1 – Billingham

Lane        Club         1st’s      2nds     3rds     4ths     5ths     Total Points

1          Morpeth        14         9          5           6         1          169

2          Richmond      3         13          7         11         4          152

3    North Tyneside    4          5           7           7       14          126

4         Aqua Force    16         12        12          5          2          223

5         Durham          11           9        10          6          7          183




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