Advanced (Dolphins) Next step up from improvers. The young swimmer will have 2 sessions a week at Dyke House and also land training is an option. At this level some swimmers are introduced to their first taste of competitive swimming. Depending on their age. (See Coach).   Lessons Swimming Lessons…

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Improvers (Shrimps)     This is the next step up from learn to swim. The coaching staff will work on all stroke and the appropriate skills and drills to enable the young swimmers to progress on to the next levels they will gain confidence and lots of swimming skills. This…

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Club Night

Club Night Squads   All Club Squads train at Dyke House Swimming Pool on Tuesday and Saturday if invited by the coach. The Academy caters for a range of swimmers from initial swimming lessons, and the Squad is open to members of the club who no longer wish to swim…

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Swimming Kit

  Kit List Kids/Parents: A few things you always need to bring with you to a training session.   Fins will be used in the session for either kick or swim sets.   Kick Board an essential piece of equipment for kick sets.   Pull Boay for all that upper…

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    Aqua Force 1: Minimum 7 sessions per week. Training to Compete in Galas as directed by the Coach. Attend Land Training programme as directed by the Coach. Attend 1 morning during the week ( Excluding Saturday) Commitment will be necessary for your progression. Aiming to be a Medallists…

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5 Foods a Swimmer Should Eat For today, I thought we’d look at my 5 favourite foods for swimmers. 1. Whole grains– Whole grain food such as cereal, bagels, pasta, and bread give good, long-lasting energy to the whole body. As the most important food group, athletes should eat many…

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Aqua Force Triathletes

Aqua Force Triathletes swimming times   Aqua Force Triathletes Time Venue Coach Cost Monday 17:30-19:00 Dyke House Avondale Centre Alison Middleton £1.00 Tuesday 06:00-08:00 Dyke House Swimming Pool Alison Middleton £2.50 Wednesday 06:00-08:00 Dyke House Swimming Pool Alison Middleton £2.50 Thursday 06:00-08:00 Dyke House Swimming Pool Alison Middleton £2.50 Friday…

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Aquaforce 1,2,3

Aqua Force 1 2 3 Squads Welcome to the Aqua Force 1 2 3 Squad section.The squad have a number of sessions during a normal week; swimming is at Dyke House pool and Mill House pool, with land training at Dyke House on a Monday evening. We also do morning…

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Aqua Force Swimming Academy Squads. Aqua Force swim Academy consists of 6 squads ranging from learn to swim up to competitive Level. Age ranging from 4yrs and above . The Squads cater for those swimmers who are learning and those who wish to continue to swim in competitions and non-competitively.…

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