Swimming Kit


Kit List


A few things you always need to bring with you to a training session.


  • Fins will be used in the session for either kick or swim sets.


  • Kick Board an essential piece of equipment for kick sets.


  • Pull Boay for all that upper body work


  • Goggle’s two pairs very important for training.


  • Drinks bottles full of that magic hydration fluid.


  • Trunks/Costume needed at all times.


  • Swimming cap it’s a must girls, for galas and in training.


  • Towels it’s up to you what you bring.


  • After a training session you always need to drink and eat a few snacks within 30mins i.e. Banana for carbohydrates, walnuts for protein this will assist recovery and repair the muscles. Especially if it’s been a hard session.


  • And most important bring yourself on time and fully stretched. With all of the above.


Thank You for working as a TEAM!!!!


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